Covid Safe

We are dedicated to ensuring nursery life for children during the pandemic continues as normal as possible.

In response to the pandemic each Spring settings have Site Operating Procedures (SOP). These guidelines are intended to assist Nursery Managers in implementing precautionary measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 disease in Spring settings.

Nursery Managers build on these considerations and guidelines, suitable to each individual situation. These guidelines are based on Public Health England and Department for Education guidance for educational settings and their key workers, and those relevant to Scotland and Wales. In order to keep children, staff and families safe we have implemented additional measures across all Spring settings. We have adapted existing policies particularly around the procedures when children are being dropped off and collected from nursery, and if they become unwell whilst at nursery.

You will find that when attending the nursery, you will hand over and collect your child at the main nursery door to a familiar member of the team. We may also allocate you a specific drop off and collection time to avoid large queues of parents waiting outside. If your child becomes unwell and displays any of the signs or symptoms of COVID we will take swift action and always ensure that they are comforted and reassured. You will be contacted and requested to collect your child as soon as practically possible.

On collection, we will ask that your child is tested, and can return following a negative test, providing they are feeling much better. Should they test positive you must follow the Government guidelines of self-isolation for your child and the family household. Children and staff are usually organised into small groups and these groups do not mix where practically possible. All rooms are well ventilated, and we continue to use outdoors as much as possible.

Children of all ages are encouraged to wash hands both on arrival and at regular intervals during the day. We avoid any unnecessary visitors, and all prospective parents view the nursery out of hours. Staff continue to wear face masks when entering and leaving the building, and where social distancing cannot be maintained. We also ask that parents wear face masks when communicating with staff on drop off and collection. On a voluntary basis staff carry out regular lateral flow testing, and those that chose not to have their temperature taken on arrival and during the day if required.

We have also purchased fogging machines for all Spring settings. We use this as part of our cleaning regime and is conducted every month, and in addition where we may have had any positive case. They ensure that all areas of the rooms are disinfected and reach all the hard to reach areas like behind radiators etc. This also means that the cleaning is more precise as the spread of the mist/vapour into the room ensure that the whole room is cleaned. Fogging creates very fine droplets of a chemical at high velocity into the air as a dry mist, and is completely safe for the environment, humans, animals and plants.

The fine mist delivers enhanced sterilisation of infections from all enclosed accessible and inaccessible areas of bacteria from hard surfaces and airborne bacteria. There may be times due to positive cases or close contacts in the setting where we have to temporarily close rooms and/or settings.

During this time we will ensure that you are kept regularly up to date via our Famly App, and have a clear procedure of how we will support your child’s learning. We will also support all children to understand any challenges or changes they may encounter as result of COVID. We are committed to keeping children and staff safe at Spring.