Spring Oscars Royal High


The Royal High School (rugby clubhouse),
East Barnton Avenue,


07971 094388

[email protected]

For information on the day to day running of our setting please contact Laura.


Waiting list now CLOSED. For booking patterns or invoices please email [email protected]


In the circumstance where you feel your enquiry needs to be escalated or if you feel uncomfortable discussing it with your play leader please contact our Operations Manager Darcie McGhee on [email protected]

Opening Times

Open from end of school day up to 1815hrs


Laura Adie
Darcie McGhee (Operations Manager)


Childcare Type

Spring Oscars

Child eligibility

Children of primary school age attending Davidson's Mains Primary School up to S2 high school


Free car parking is available within the grounds of The Royal High School.


After School (Monday - Thursday): (Plan) £19.45 (Ad-Hoc) £21
After School Club Friday: (Plan) £22.90 (Ad-Hoc) £24.50

*We offer a sibling discount of 5%
*We offer a discount of 5% for Blue Light Card
*We offer a discount of 10% for full attendance

Late Pick up fee – up to 15 minutes £15
Late Pick up fee – over 15 minutes £20 per 15 minutes
Late Payment Letter £12
Late payment (charged per week) £20

Waiting list now Closed

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About Spring Oscars Royal High

Spring Oscars @ Royal High is our oldest club having opened in 1993.  Based from the rugby clubhouse within the grounds of the Royal High School in the north west of the city of Edinburgh, Spring Oscars @ Royal High provides after school care for up to 40 children from Davidson’s Mains Primary School in classes primary 4 – primary 7.  Resources, activities and play experiences are geared towards this specific age group and our staff team thrive on being able to give children greater responsibility and ownership of their club.  Children are collected from Davidson’s Mains Primary School before travelling with our staff team by private coach to the Royal High School, where the after school club is open until 1815hrs during term time.  The Royal High School offers fantastic outdoor play opportunities on the vast, open playing fields which are directly accessible from the after school club.

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