By Spring Childcare · 20 Apr 2023

A GOOD Result for Spring Thorpe Hamlet

We would like to let you know about a recent OFSTED inspection at Spring Thorpe Hamlet in Norfolk. They were Inspected on the 15th March and received a ‘GOOD.’

Carol and the team have worked tirelessly over the last 9 months to develop a great provision for the children at Thorpe Hamlet. This inspection outcome provides some recognition for the hard work the team have put in.

The inspector highlighted many strengths:

  • The children felt safe and secure while in the setting and are confident in exploring the learning environment with curiosity. The nursery utilises its local community well, with visits to the woods, local bakery and shop to extend children’s learning. The curriculum is ambitious and heavily focused on communication and language, as the manager and staff understand that this underpins all other areas of learning.
  • They work closely with speech and language therapists and implement effective strategies to enable children to make progress. Children who speak English as an additional language benefit from hearing staff use words from their home languages to help them understand daily routines and activities.
  • The manager and her staff work extremely well as a team, drawing on each other’s strengths. Staff have access to a range of professional development opportunities and a management pathway. Staff report they feel extremely well supported and their workload is manageable. However, although the manager monitors staff well-being and provides coaching, the formal supervisions do not focus on setting clear targets to improve staff performance to a higher level.
  • Children develop independence from a young age. For example, babies are starting to feed themselves with spoons. Young children cut up their own fruit and pour their own drinks. Older children use cutlery and serve themselves at lunch. They put on their own shoes and coats and wash their hands before mealtimes.
  • Parent partnerships are strong. Parents speak highly of staff and how ‘warm and friendly’ they are. Parents feel well informed about their children’s progress. The staff share information with parents about how they can support their children’s learning at home.

Here is what Carol and her team had to say about the result:


“Great recognition after a challenging year, so proud of the team we have become! Reignites the Early Years Magic to carry on, it is so worthwhile!”

Thorpe Hamlet Practitioners

“Feels great to be recognised as the strong, dedicated team we are!”

“Great that all our hard work is recognised, feels like we are on the right track!”

“All our values and the vision we have has provided direction for the whole team!”

We are so proud of our team at Thorpe Hamlet and hope you join us in giving them a huge well done.