Half Term Holiday Clubs

We are taking bookings for our February holiday clubs, to enquire please email [email protected]

During the February and October half-term school holidays, Spring Oscars are on hand to provide childcare solutions for parents and fun, exciting activities for children.   

Spring Oscars half-term holiday programmes are designed to provide children with positive play experiences within our fantastic venues where they engage in an exciting range of activities.   

Each half-term holiday venue will plan their own activity programme, with children participating in up to six activities each day.  A different theme will be allocated to each day with the following categories applied to the theme.   

Creative Play
Sports (indoor & outdoor)
Group Games
Imaginative Play

It is important to note that this is just a sample of activity categories.  The list of activities actually offered at our camps is far too exhaustive to list.  However, our camps are all about providing children with positive play experiences and forming friendships in a fun, exciting and safe environment.   

As well as structured activities, planned by our fantastic staff teams, child-led play is also an important factor within our mid-term holiday programmes.  We believe it is important for children to receive the opportunity to lead their own activities and play experiences, therefore, they are given responsibility to plan and lead games and sessions.  It is wonderful to see children grow in confidence throughout our mid-term holiday programmes as a result.   

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