What time does the breakfast club open?

Our breakfast clubs open at 7.30am and our staff team ensure children arrive at school safely and on time. Our staff wait with the children until they are transferred into the care of their class teacher.

What can my child have to eat at breakfast club?

Children can choose from a selection of breakfast cereals, toast, fresh fruit, milk and water. All in line with our Eat Better Start Better accredited menus.

What time does the after school club close?

Closing times vary across our settings, however, most of our after school clubs are open until 6.00pm. Please check our website for confirmation of closing time at your chosen location.

How is my child collected from school for after school club?

Our staff team will collect younger children from their classrooms, while older children make their own way to the after school club or a designated meeting point. Please refer to the FAQ document for your chosen setting for more detailed information.

Can I enter the breakfast club/after school for drop off/pick up?

Unfortunately, for the time being, we are asking parents/carers to drop off/pick up their child outside our access door. Our staff will still be on hand to provide feedback and will do so outdoors and socially distanced

Will my child be able to play outdoors?

We will be facilitating as much activity as possible outdoors and maximising use of the outdoor play areas in line with our focus on Healthy Lifestyles. Parents/carers should ensure children are equipped for all weathers i.e. rain, cold, sunshine.

What activities are provided at after school club?

Activities will vary from day to day, with staff and children working in partnership to produce a weekly schedule. Arts & crafts activities are very popular along with outdoor play. Children can participate in ‘organised’ activity or simply play with their friends. Children can also access our huge supply of toys, resources and equipment to facilitate their play.

Will my child receive snack?

Yes, we have a 3-week snack menu. Food provision is delivered twice weekly ensuring produce is fresh and is in line with our Eat Better Start Better accredited menus.

How do I identify Spring Oscars staff?

Our staff will be wearing their Spring Oscars uniform, which consists of a grey polo shirt, fleece and jacket.

Will my child be in a group/bubble when attending breakfast club and after school club?

Yes, all children attending will be divided into a minimum of two groups which will remain consistent throughout their period of attendance. Each group will have their own dedicated space within the setting. Groups will always be required to maintain physical distancing of 2 metres from other groups. Each group will have at least one staff member who will maintain physical distancing where practicable. Our staff team will allocate the groups and considerations will be given to classes, siblings and friendships when doing so. Children attending both breakfast club and after school club will be grouped together.

Will my child be able to access hand washing facilities?

Yes, each group/bubble will be allocated their own toilet facilities where they will have access to soap and warm water. Hand sanitiser will also be available within the setting and will be used when going outdoors and upon their return.
All children and staff will be required to wash their hands:
On arrival
Before and after snack
Before and after playing outdoors
Before and after going to the toilet
Before leaving to go home

What if my child displays symptoms when attending the setting?

Your child would be taken to the designated ‘isolation room’ within the setting where they would wait until you come to collect them.
We would ask you to collect your child as a matter of urgency before returning home to self-isolate and arranging a test.
Your child would not be permitted to return to the setting until the test results are received.

How do I make reservation with Spring Oscars or make further enquiries?

Please use our locations tool on our website to find your chosen Spring Oscars setting and contact them directly.