Thriving Two’s

Our Spring Thriving Twos model outlines the supportive programmes and training that will be provided to all staff working with our two-year-olds, across every setting. Some of these programmes are already in place and we will continue to embed and consolidate the learning from these into practice. Some of these programmes are yet to be implemented and these will be rolled out over a period of 3 – 6 months to support practice in every setting.

At Spring, we recognise that being two should be an incredible time of exploration, curiosity, and adventure. Across our early years settings, our environments for two-year-olds have been designed to support children to feel safe, loved and to thrive, in order that they can meet their potential: emotionally, intellectually, and physically.


Why this, why now? 

With working parents of two-year-olds able to access 15 hours of free childcare from April 2024, government changes to staff to child ratios, of 1:4 to 1:5, for this age group, along with the current sector challenges of recruiting qualified and experienced practitioners, mean that more than ever, we need a programme of support aimed specifically at children in their twos. We will support the staff working with this age group to recognise the amazing journey these children are on and feel equipped to manage some of the potential challenges along the way. When children feel secure and understood, they thrive and meet their potential, giving them the best possible start in life. 

Strong early years provision consists of positive interactions, enabling environments, high-quality resources and routines that support learning. Therefore, the Thriving Twos training programme will address each of these areas of provision in a meaningful and purposeful way.


At Spring by Action for Children, we know that our workforce is our most asset. This strategy will support our practitioners working with two-year-olds to have a solid understanding of the diverse needs of children in this age group.


To influence children’s learning, environments must be accessible to all children and provide opportunities for them to test their ideas, building on what they can already do.


We know that where children need space to be active, they also need cosy and calming spaces to be able to regulate their senses and build up their emotional and physical energy ready to engage with the environment again.


Routines provide consistency and predictability, both of which support children to feel safe. When working with two-year-olds, it is essential that routines do not demand long periods of being seated but do support the development of children’s attention and focus. 

What does it mean to ‘thrive at two’? 

For us, at Spring by Action for Children, ‘thriving’ means growing, flourishing and reaching one’s own potential for development and overall well-being. We know that every child is unique and comes to us with their own rich and diverse experiences. Our joy is found in nurturing our physical and emotional environments to meet children and their families where they are, celebrating strengths and supporting areas of need. Through our Thriving Two’s model we are committed to helping your little one’s thrive.

Do you have a two year old? 

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