Parent Communications

At Spring Nurseries and Spring Oscars, our parent/carer communication is second to none. We pride ourselves on the partnerships we build with parents and feel strongly about involving parents in each step of their child’s childcare and learning journey.

Famly App

Parent’s love our Famly app for keeping them informed throughout each nursery day. We pride ourselves on using modern innovative technology to log each child’s observations, learning journey, invoicing and information relating to each child through a secure and reliable app that parents can access whenever they like at no extra cost. Through the app parents can also add learning observations and photos from home whilst having the ability to report sick days and holidays without needing to phone. Parents are able to stay in contact with nursery staff by sending direct messages and parents can engage by liking and commenting on posts that staff upload.
The Famly app has an activity feed for parents to view real-time observations such as nappy changes, food intake, sleep and more. There is a newsfeed where we share photos, videos and daily updates with parents.
You can keep track of your nursery bills and pay them through the app too.
Each child has a learning journey on Famly with their learning and development observations, along with progress reports.

We also use Famly at our Spring Oscars clubs for parents to keep up-to-date and see what activities their child is taking part in. This is especially helpful when new children start Spring Oscars and are getting to know the club, staff, routine and peers.

It is a great solution to manage each aspect of your childcare on the go, saving you time and keeping you thoroughly involved with your child’s care.

A Child’s Key Person

When a child starts at any Spring Nursery setting, they are assigned a key person who they meet during their settling in session. This person will be their main nursery carer and will be on hand to settle your child into the new routine and environment.

Progress Reports

With our Famly app, seeing how your child is progressing could not be simpler. When staff complete an observation, which is carried out at least once a month, you will be able to see this posted within your app. The staff will link this to all the areas of the EYFS. Staff will also create a next step for the children to improve in a particular area which will be shared with parents alongside a top tip to support this learning at home. Progress reports are carried out every half term, with this being shared with the parents and longer progress reports carried out termly which is then shared with parents via Famly as well as during our termly parent’s evenings.

Parents Evenings

Each term, parents/carers are invited to Spring Parents Evening, a session that provides quality communication, exchanging children’s achievements at home and discussing how they are progressing in the setting. Parents can look at their child’s work and creations too. It also provides parents with an opportunity to seek guidance and advice, to learn about their child’s development and the level of support that is provided. This provides parents with an opportunity to be a part of teaching and learning at the setting by working in partnership with the practitioners.