Breakfast Clubs

Spring Oscars understand parents have commitments before school starts so we offer flexible Breakfast Clubs that provide a healthy and fun start to the day for children aged 5-12 years. We offer children a delicious and nutritious breakfast, which includes a choice of healthy cereals, fresh fruit, milk and water. Our Breakfast Clubs provide children with the opportunity to develop their social skills at the breakfast table and get creative before the school day starts through a range of activities such as arts and crafts, den building, reading, board games, mini sporting games and more. Each club provides their own play equipment such as Lego or Kinex, books, sports equipment, small world and imaginative play such as dinosaurs, cars, dolls, loose parts play and more. We have a wide range of activities available to suit children of all different ages.

Parents/Carers can drop off their children as early as 7.00am until 8.30am. Once your child arrives at Breakfast Club, they will be offered a choice of breakfast and once they have finished, they can then enjoy activities with their peers. Our staff team ensure your child is fully prepared and arrives at school on time, ready to transfer into the care of their class teacher.

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