By Spring Childcare · 20 Feb 2024

All “GOOD” at Harlequin

We would like to let you know about a recent OFSTED inspection at Spring Harlequin. They were Inspected on the 25th of January and received a ‘GOOD.’

The inspector highlighted many strengths:

  • The dedicated manager has a clear vision for the nursery. She is a strong leader and works closely with her committed staff team to ensure children receive high-quality care and learning experiences. Parents advise that children enjoy attending and are supported well to make progress. The manager encourages staff to undertake additional training to enhance their knowledge and skills. She places a high value on the staff’s well-being and staff advise they feel well supported.


  • Staff support children’s communication and language skills effectively. They respond to babies as they babble, using words and gestures. Staff talk to children as they engage with activities. They speak slowly and clearly and introduce new words such as ‘project’ and ‘hibernate’. These interactions help all children to make good progress in their communication and language development.


  • Children with special educational needs and/or disabilities are supported well. The manager is the special educational needs coordinator and she works closely with parents and professionals to ensure children receive the additional help they need. This help children to make good progress in their development. Additional funding is used effectively to support children’s individual needs, such as through the purchase of specific resources and additional one-to-one support.


  • Children are active learners and enjoy exploring the environment and range of activities. Babies enjoy using their hands to feel the different textures of paint, foamy soap and pasta. Older children use small shovels to dig and fill containers with mud and sand, mixing in water to make ‘pies’. They delight as they find worms and watch quietly as a robin appears in the garden.


We spoke with Spring Harlequin’s manager, Cassie Cremer, here is what she had to say about the recent inspection and her team at Harlequin:

“Our Ofsted inspection was a positive and a knowledgeable experience. A quote from our inspector “we worked together throughout the day”. We are really proud of our setting and our brilliant nursery children, we will continue to strive to provide a high quality service of care. A huge thank you to our wonderful families too, for all of their continued support and kind feedback during our visit. Our home from home organic nursery is a place for the children to feel happy, safe and secure and we pride ourselves to encourage and support the development and growth of the children to be the very best version of themselves whilst they have their nursery journey here with us.”

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Join us in extending our congratulations to Cassie Cremer and her team at Spring Harlequin.

Congratulations to Spring Harlequin!