By Spring Childcare · 03 Jan 2022

Considering Breastfeeding? Here Are Some Tips And Advice.

Whether you have just had your baby or are preparing for the birth of your little one, thinking about how you are going to feed them is an important conversation. Many new mums battle with the decision about breastfeeding, often because the lack of support offered to them and the worry, they will not manage it. We would like to share some information and tips about breastfeeding to help any new mums with the decision. Having as much information as you can will help you feel more confident when it comes to the decision of how to feed your baby. 

While pregnant you will visit your midwife often, these will be great times to start asking questions about breastfeeding, they may also suggest that you attend antenatal classes. In these classes you will be given a lot of information on the benefits of breastfeeding and tips on latch and positioning during feeding. You may also find second time parents that can offer advice and tried and tested tips on the feeding process. Let’s talk a little about the benefits of breastfeeding. 

  • Your breast milk is perfectly designed for your baby. 

During breastfeeding your milk will adapt to suit the needs of your baby. In those first few days you will provide your baby with colostrum, a thick and yellow type milk which is packed with immune system boosters. As time goes on your supply adapts to meet the changing needs of your baby, for example if you become ill while breastfeeding your milk will produce antibodies that are passed on to your baby protecting them from infections and diseases. 

  • Breastfeeding has health benefits for mothers as well as baby’s. 

Breastfeeding helps new mothers recover quicker after birth; the oxytocin produced during feeding helps to contract the uterus which helps reduce is back to its original size and reduce bleeding after birth. 

  • It is free. 

The cost of having a child can be quite overwhelming at times so having a way of feeding your child for free is a big win. While being free it is also very convenient, being able to feed on demand without prior planning is beneficial to new mums when they are out and about. 

  • The emotional bond. 

Breastfeeding is known to strengthen the bond you have with your new baby, creating an important connection with them as soon as they are born. We talked about oxytocin being beneficial for recovering after birth, but it is also known as the love hormone, released when feeding and can aid in the connection of love and protection. 


If you do decide to breastfeed there are some things, we think are beneficial to have that make the process a little easier.  

  • Comfortable nursing bras and clothing, having easy access for your baby will always help when out and about or even during the night.  
  • A breast pump can be a good idea if you plan to have your partner help with feeds or for in those instances when breastfeeding may become difficult. Breast pumps however are not recommended until your milk supply is fully established; this will be around week 6. 
  • Keeping water and snacks on hand for mum while feeding, these will help with milk supply and keep your energy levels up during the day.  
  • Breastfeeding can cause some dryness and discomfort on your nipples so buying a good nipple cream is worth it to help ease this. 
  • And lastly some breast pads 

 We want to reassure you that however you choose to feed your baby is your choice and you should never feel guilty for the decision you make. Breastfeeding is not always an easy journey and can be much more difficult for some than others so make sure to make a choice that fits with you, your baby, and your family.  

Thank you for taking the time to read and we hope the advice we have shared helps make your decision a little easier. Support networks come in all forms, websites like the breastfeeding network, national and local groups on Facebook as well as meetings in local areas so please do not ever feel alone.