By Spring Childcare · 18 Jun 2024

Drowning Prevention Week 2024

As Summer fast approaches and temperatures rise, more and more people will be heading to the beach to cool off. While these outings can be fun it is crucial to remember that water safety is paramount.

Drowning prevention week is observed on the 3rd week of June each year and was initiated by the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) to address the alarming number of drowning incidents, it serves as a reminder of the importance of water safety and provides valuable tips to prevent drowning incidents.

According to the RLSS UK, 307 UK and Irish citizens lose their lives to accidental drowning each year, on average, and the number of child drowning deaths in England has doubled in the last 4 years. Many of these tragedies are preventable with the right precautions and awareness.

Here are the RLSS UK tips for staying safe in the water this Summer.

Stop and Think

  • Is the area safe? Think about potential hazards – too deep, too shallow, currents, tides, underwater objects? Always look out for potential hazards and warn members of your group to avoid possible risks.
  • Enter slowly and carefully and never jump from heights.
  • Think carefully about your ability to splash or swim in cold outdoor water. 49% of those who lost their life were classified as swimmers*. Are you really a good swimmer?
  • Research local information, conditions – read local signs and speak to locals, including the lifeguards.
  • Never use inflatables in open water – although they look fun, inflatable water toys can quickly get caught in the wind and be blown out to sea.

Stay Together

  • Always choose to visit a lifeguarded venue.
  • Always keep children under the constant supervision of a capable adult.
  • Don’t go too far – enter the water slowly, stay within reach, stay within a standing depth and always be supervised.
  • Be sure children know where to go if they become lost or separated from the group.

In an Emergency

  • Be sure everyone in your group knows who to call in the event of an emergency. If you are abroad, be sure you know the correct number to call.


  • If you fall in or become tired – stay calm, float on your back and call for help.
  • If you see someone in the water that needs help, throw them something that floats to hold onto.


Drowning Prevention Week is a vital initiative that highlights the importance of water safety and aims to reduce drowning incidents in the UK. By promoting education, awareness and practical safety measures, we can ensure that everyone enjoys water safely. Use the link below to download some amazing child friendly resources from the RLSS UK website.