By Spring Childcare · 22 Sep 2023

It’s a GOOD day for Spring RAF Wyton

We would like to let you know about a recent OFSTED inspection at Spring RAF Wyton in Huntingdon. They were Inspected on the 5th September and received a ‘GOOD.’

The inspector highlighted many strengths:

  • Leaders use their professional knowledge of typical child development well to establish an effective curriculum. Staff are well-trained to deliver the curriculum and support children to gain the key skills and knowledge they need for life and the next stage in their education.
  • Children with special educational needs and/or disabilities receive good care and tailored support to meet their individual needs. Staff work closely with parents and other professionals to provide appropriate challenge that helps children to make good progress.
  • Staff help children to develop healthy lifestyles. Children eat well, enjoying the varied and nutritional range of meals and snacks that the nursery provides. They learn about their bodies as they join in with different energetic games.
  • Leaders have established a strong culture around safeguarding. Staff prioritise children’s safety and welfare. They attend regular training about child protection and receive regular updates about changes and local safeguarding issues. Staff know what to do should they have any concerns about a child or an adult working with children.


Over the past year, they have dedicated tireless efforts to crafting a robust curriculum that effectively nurtures the growth of all the children under their care. This achievement has been recognised as one of their greatest strengths. Here is what the team had to say….

After all the hard work and challenges that we have faced and come across, to see how far we have come has been a reward itself. To know that we always try our best to provide and support the children with their journey and working together with the parents/carer’s to up our next level. We have always given respect and value towards everyone who comes to our nursery and always make them feel part of us. We always listen to different voices to help improve our performance and always remembering to work as a team. – Kelsey (Senior Early Years Practitioner) and Kumari (Early Years Practitioner)

Having worked hard on getting the right curriculum, the recognition here in the report shines through of the team we have become and how The nursery has grown so much in the last couple of years, we are so proud of the staff every day with how well they have adapted to the changes and how they still let their passion for children shine through every day – Nicola (Nursery Manager) and Leah (Deputy Manager)

I’m confident you will join us in extending our congratulations to Nicola Chapman and her team at Spring RAF Wyton.

Congratulations to Spring RAF Wyton!