By Spring Childcare · 31 May 2024

Thank You Thorpe Hamlet

Recently we were contacted by Becca, mum to Daisy, who attends our Thorpe Hamlet nursery. Last year Daisy was diagnosed with JIA (Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis) at the age of 2. Becca has praised the team for their support towards Daisy and herself through what has been a significant time in their life.

Becca wrote:

My daughter, Daisy, attends Spring nursery in Norwich, Wolfe Rd.

Last year (aged 2yrs old) Daisy was diagnosed with JIA (an auto immune condition). It affected her significantly, but the nursery staff were brilliant in supporting Daisy, and listening to me regarding her medications and progress/regress.

They had a sit down with me to make notes on what they might need to do to support Daisy.

One year on and the staff are still fantastic. Daisy’s key worker, Megan, is brilliant. She rang me to check a few details about Daisy’s medication changes, and condition overall and then fed this back to all the other staff.

Shania, the deputy manager, has supported the #WearpurpleforJIA day and this meant the world to us last year, as it was in the same week Daisy was diagnosed.

The team really are wonderful and they need to be recognised for it.

The Thorpe Hamlet team wearing purple for JIA day (25th May)


What is JIA?

Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) means there is inflammation in a child’s joints that isn’t caused by any other condition. It refers to a number of different types of arthritis that occur under the age of 16, Oligoarthritis, Polyarthritis, Enthesitis Related Arthritis (ERA), Psoriatic Arthritis, Systemic onset JIA and Undifferentiated arthritis.


Symptoms of JIA

The information below regarding symptoms was gathered from the JIA at NRAS website JIA-at-NRAS | Supporting children and families affected by juvenile arthritis, if your child appears to have the symptoms associated with JIA please speak with your GP.

Is your child stiff?

  • Is he/she slow to get moving, especially after rest or sleep?
  • Do any joints appear stiff, for example limping when walking?

Is your child in pain?

  • Do any joints appear tender when they move, for example during normal daily activities?
  • Can you see any evidence to explain crying or can he/she tell you?
  • Is it difficult to comfort your child?
  • Has this happened before; how often?

Is your child unhappy?

  • Is there unexplained weight loss?
  • Can you see obvious signs of your child being miserable/listless?
  • Is he/she irritable, moaning, angry?
  • Is he/she reluctant to join in with ordinary activities?
  • Do you notice his/her tiredness, weariness, low energy?
  • Is he/she not wanting to go to school?

Do you see any physical signs?

  • swollen/hot joint(s)
  • swollen glands
  • fever – may come & go
  • rash –   may come & go
  • anything else (including redness of eyes or changes in vision)


For more information regarding JIA please check out JIA-at-NRAS | Supporting children and families affected by juvenile arthritis

We would like to thank Becca for reaching out to us and we hope you join us in offering a huge well done to our team at Thorpe Hamlet for the amazing work they do with all of the children in their care.