How do I book for the holiday programme?

For sites in Scotland – bookings should be made by emailing [email protected]. This is the quickest and most convenient way for parents/carers to make a booking.

For sites in England – please contact the club you wish to book with by calling them or emailing them. Contact details can be found on the clubs page.

What activities will my child participate in while attending the holiday programme?

Our staff team will provide a wide range of activities during the holiday programme, including arts & crafts, sports, group games, challenges, theme days, science, outdoor play to name only a few. An activity schedule will be available to view on our website in advance of the holiday programme, however, our staff will add further activities throughout the holiday programme. Children are also able to influence our activities and our staff team will engage regularly to add children’s ideas to our activity schedule.

Please note clubs in Scotland and England have different activities on offer.

Does the holiday programme welcome external activity providers/specialists?

Yes, often in Scotland we welcome Cool Creatures (animal handling), Silent Knights (silent disco) and All Star Fitness (NERF Wars experience) to our Easter/Summer holiday programme. These activities are hugely popular with the children (& staff). Dates and details relating to these sessions will be communicated via our Famly app and social media channels.

For clubs in England, please contact the club directly to find out.

Do you offer any off-site activities for the children?

Currently, the majority of activities take place on-site at our venues, however, on occasion, staff and children may visit a local park or place of interest.

Can my child have breakfast at the club during the summer holiday?

Yes, each site will run a breakfast club each morning at all our Easter/Summer holiday venues. A variety of cereals, toast, fresh fruit, and milk will be provided each morning.

Where are the holiday programmes located?

During the Easter & Summer holiday periods, Spring Oscars operate full day activity programmes throughout the UK. For more detailed information, please visit the Spring Childcare website.

How do I locate the holiday programme on arrival at the venue?

For sites in Scotland, upon arrival at the holiday programme venue, please look out for the Spring Oscars banner and signage which will direct you to our reception area and where a member of our staff team will be on hand to welcome you and your child.

For sites in England please contact the setting to ask.

How do I contact the staff team?

Your booking confirmation will provide contact details for the venue your child is attending. Parents/carers can also contact our staff team via the Famly app.

Will my child be able to play outdoors?

YES! We will be spending as much time outdoors as possible and maximising use of the outdoor play areas at our venues. Parents/carers should ensure children are equipped for all weathers e.g. sun cream and hats for hot/sunny conditions and raincoat/towel for wet weather.

Does my child need to bring a packed lunch?

In Sccotland, all children are required to bring their own packed lunch, which should contact a ‘freeze block’. All children should also bring their own water bottle which they can refill throughout the day.

If your club is in a Spring Nursery in England, please contact the nursery directly to ask as this may vary.

Will my child receive snack?

Yes, mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack will be provided. Details will be communicated to parents via the Famly app.

Will I receive feedback in relation to my child’s day at the holiday programme?

Yes, a member of our staff team will always be available and happy to speak with parents/carers when arriving to drop off/collect their child. Out with these times, please do not hesitate to give our staff team a call.